Umut Yasar

Umut is the founder of our fine company. He is a born Veendammer and spent his childhood in the village, Blijham. He then went to study in Groningen and chose to do an internship in Panama and Costa Rica. A well-traveled man, that reads often and speaks six languages. Why did he start Finest People in 2009?

“I worked as a recruiter for many years. First at a large public company and later at a smaller desk, but it struck me that the market needed something else. Recruitment is in my opinion customization. We are not dealing with products, we are dealing with people. I entered the business with the idea of approaching recruitment as personal as possible. Talk to people and  maintain these contacts. Because hiring a new colleague or making a new career move, is not an easy decision. Therefore, we prepare our work and focus on getting to know our clients and candidates very thorough. It is better to aim well and then shoot than to miss twenty times before you get it right. Time is valuable to all parties. Therefore, we handle our work with care. “