Karel-Oscar van Hengel

Karel-Oscar was born in Amsterdam, but grew up in the green parts of Almere. Maybe this is why he appreciates nature and culture so much. Next to sailing fanatically, he often participates in catamaran races for which he just purchased his own catamaran. After a management study, Karel-Oscar’s gained his first sales experience at an internship in the cultural sector. After five years as a booker and talentscout in the cultural sector,  he got in touch with Finest People. He instantly noticed the commonalities between a talent representative and a talent acquisition specialist: building a qualitative network and representing the right needs of all parties involved.

Karel-Oscar van Hengel

Principal Consultant / Partner

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”I feel a lot of satisfaction from making new contacts and offering the right service to the people in my network. At my previous job as a talentscout in the comedy scene, I have learned how to use both humor and professional skills in all conversations.”