Danny Klein

Meet Danny Klein, Online Marketeer at Finest People. Danny gives direction to our locations in Amsterdam, Paris and Singapore. In this he mainly deals with data analysis, strategy, copywriting, search engine optimization, social advertising and CRM.

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Besides my work as an Online Marketeer at Finest People, I enjoy maintaining websites and setting up fun projects in my free time. Besides this, you can find me and my colleagues in the gym at lunchtime, on the futsal field on Wednesdays and on occasion for a run in the park.


In addition to my share in the field of online marketing, I also bring my colleagues daily knowledge in the culinary field. Our generously filled refrigerator, bread maker, steamer, grill, oven and cooker allow us to vary endlessly and healthily, which makes a very positive contribution to the office its atmosphere.


These three important pillars (professional, sportive and culinary), ensure a pleasant energy level for everyone in the office!