Privacy statement


Finest People is an organization that brings candidates and employers together. Therefore, Finest People has information of both candidates and employers. Finest People guarantees a careful and discreet handling of this information, taking into account the interests of all concerned. In addition, Finest People exercised the utmost care in ensuring the privacy of visitors to this website. You are welcome to visit the website, as often as you want without any obligation, and take knowledge from the content. This privacy statement explains what information is collected by Finest People on this website and for what purpose.


A visitor who is interested in the services of Finest People and wants to be registered as a candidate, may register. Thereby, give us personal information. Finest People uses this information to bring the candidate in contact with potential employers. Information will only be provided to our clients after prior consultation with you. Candidates who register on the website will receive a written confirmation of the registration. Candidates must always be aware of what information Finest People beholds. They may ask to inspect and identify any inaccuracies, propose changes or request deletion of data. This effect may be submitted in writing to the Finest People-establishment.

General / website

Finest People likes to be informed of the number of visitors to its website. In addition, the identity of the visitor is not important. There is therefore no specific, personally identifiable, information stored or preserved. However, the following information will be kept anonymous; the number of visitors, which part of the site is visited  (the most), times of visits, the country from which the site is visited and general information about the software the visitor works with. With this information, Finest People can continue to optimize its website.